Does your staff Health & Safety plan include an Air Purifying system?

A complete solution to ensure hygiene for your shared workspaces, along with the usual social precautions, should include these three essentials:

Hand Cleaning

Proper hand hygiene is important which helps to prevent the spread of germs and to protect yourself and others from illnesses.

Surface Cleaning

Clean high-touch surfaces regularly (for example, daily) and after you have used the surface or if you have had a visitor.

Cleaning the Air

Air Purifiers Portable solutions kill covid-19 and are also the only air filtration system on the market that proves your legal compliance.


The average person*:

  • Inhales 11,000 litres of air every day.
  • Spends 90% of their time indoors
  • Occupies shared spaces for nine hours per day
  • Breathes five times more polluted air indoors compared to outdoors



Air Purifiers solutions trap and destroy airborne bacteria and viruses, including the Coronavirus family, with our comprehensive three-step system, which covers all needs.

Developed and manufactured in the UK  with full Iso and BS accreditations our products are trusted by businesses across the whole UK and Europe.

You will recognise users such as The Globe Theatre, AETC (Wimbledon), Longleat Safari Park and LNER

WHO recently stated that Covid-19  is mainly transmitted by inhaling airborne droplets and by touching contaminated surfaces.

Air Purifiers solutions trap and destroy airborne bacteria and viruses, including the Coronavirus family without a comprehensive three-step system, which covers all needs.

Our Products & Packages

Protect yourself with our range of Air Purifiers and increase the importance of indoor air quality. Your ‘space occupiers’ will feel invested in, understand you have taken steps to ensure their safety and give them the confidence to be there.

After cleaning the indoor air, employers have seen workplace productivity increase with cognitive scores 61% higher.

Clean Air = Confidence

We offer a full rental solution to enable you to have your new Air Purifier device, with no large upfront costs.

CO2 Monitoring

Air Quality monitoring devices can be used to check the air quality, CO2 levels and general ventilation in a wide range of settings.

RAE1 Virus Destroyer System

The RAE1 is a standalone air purifier and surface steriliser designed for use in most offices and smaller indoor spaces

RAI1 Virus Destroyer System

The RAI1 Virus Destroyer is a standalone air purifier and surface sterilizer designed for use in all mid sized commercial environments.

RAE2 Virus Destroyer System

The RAE2 Virus Destroyer is a the most powerful free-standing air purifier in our range and is designed for use in large open plan offices, nightclubs, canteens: bigger spaces and environments.

RAX1 Virus Destroyer System

The RAX1 is a portable air sanitizer designed for use in a variety of smaller environments.

RAO1 Virus Destroyer System

The RAO1 is a portable ozone generation, air, and surface sterilizer designed for use in commercial environments.



  • Remove more than 98% of airborne particles.
  • Are proven to kill Covid-19 – see our lab report.
  • Destroy bacteria, spores, pollen and odours.
  • Have a medical-grade HEPA filter.
  • Uses our unique X3 technology.
  • Recommended by the UK Government.*


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