About Us

About Us

We all deserve clean, safe air. Air Purifiers Ltd are specialists in air purification, protecting people through cleaning dirty air.

With our three-level solution, our systems reduce the risk of Covid infection by up to 92%. This was done in FDA and CDC-approved laboratories. In all settings, steps must be taken to prioritize the health & safety of the people that work, exercise, and live indoors. As we expect clean water, due to the pandemic we should also expect clean air in all shared spaces. Responsible, forward-thinking organizations will deliver this

David Broomfield, Founder and Managing Director

Creating Clean Air In Workspaces

After growing and selling his last business venture, David has been looking for a product that is needed by all organizations.

The way colds, flu, and viruses spread through buildings has always been an issue. Staff off ‘sick’ causes difficulty in smaller businesses and confidence in a safe space to work or occupy has never been more important.

Air Purifiers Ltd offers products bringing safe and clean air to internal spaces

Unrivalled Virus Cleaning System


Complete Room Refresh


Total Control & Status Visibility


UK Manufactured & UK Based Support



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